Joshua Rubenstein has partnered with Citywealth for 15 years: his story


"Plan for controversy, and you will stay ahead of the curve."

15 years of Citywealth - meet one of our lead sponsors, Joshua Rubenstein


15 years ago, we founded Citywealth with the purpose of bringing together ultra-high net worth clients and their advisers and managers working in the private wealth sector.

Through the years, Citywealth achieved this with a mixture of publications, events, networking groups, and interviews with leading experts to bring together different segments of the market to develop contacts, build business and raise information and standards in the sector.

But what does it mean to collaborate with Citywealth in the long run? Our dear Joshua Rubenstein, New York-based attorney, who has been with us for 15 years as a lead sponsor, agreed to share some of his thought regarding our long, fruitful collaboration:


Joshua, let’s start with a few words about yourself


Joshua Rubenstein: I am the fourth generation, first born male trusts and estates lawyer in my family.  It is apparently a Rubenstein genetic defect.  My five children, however, have all had amnio.  They are clear of the defect and free to pursue career paths of their choice.


That’s quite a legacy! What education did you pursue and what did it teach you?


Joshua Rubenstein: I went to the largest public high school in the United States (enrollment of 10,000 at the time, in Brooklyn), then I was at Columbia University (BA in Greek and Latin, followed by JD).  I have been at the same law firm for 38 years.  Clients don’t like change, and I guess I don’t either!  Of course the trick is changing what needs to be changed in order to stay relevant while maintaining one’s core values – always a balancing act.


Let’s stop a little at these core values. Can you share some tips with us?


Joshua Rubenstein: Law school teaches us all to talk.  There are no courses on how to listen.  In order to work with top clients, it is essential to be a patient and astute listener.  Only then will your clients listen to you when you tell them something they don’t want to hear.  And there is no substitute for hard work.


Thanks a lot! Now let’s move to your relationship with Citywealth: when you first discovered it, how and what does Citywealth mean to you.


Joshua Rubenstein: It is hard to believe that Citywealth is now fifteen years old – or that I am fifteen years older than when I started supporting Karen Jones’s brainchild.  Kudos to Karen, who created Citywealth from a brilliant germ of an idea out of sheer will and strength of personality.  I recall fondly Citywealth’s inaugural event at the London Zoo in Regents Park.  Being an event celebrating lawyers, it was appropriately held in the Reptile House.  That the Magic Circle Awards have graduated from their humble origins to the grand ballroom packed, not-to-be-missed event of the year says it all.  Okay, we won’t count 2020 – for any purpose!


 A word of wisdom for all those reading this?


Joshua Rubenstein: There has always been change.  Heraclitus said “the only constant is change” over 2,500 years ago.  But change is more frequent, broad and far-reaching than ever before, and controversy seems to be a new constant as well.  Plan for change and plan for controversy, and you will stay ahead of the curve.


Thank you, Joshua, for the openness to answer to our interview and for your amazing collaboration during the past 15 years!

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