What questions are being asked of divorce lawyers during Covid19?

Suzanne who has been a family and divorce lawyer for over thirty years has training in arbitration which is a process where couples can find a private, negotiated resolution to their separation. Most recently she managed a prenuptual agreement involving £2 billion of assets.

Suzanne adds a caveat to her advice below, saying it is important to remember, however, that every family is different, so if you do have concerns, reach out to a solicitor and seek legal advice.

The hot questions

I am paying maintenance to my wife but I have lost my job due to the pandemic. Can I stop paying? 

I was due to get married but we are all in isolation so it has been postponed. Will this affect my pre-nup?

Will Covid-19 affect the progress of my divorce?

I am going through a divorce, should I crack on and deal with the finances?

I have already reached a deal but now don’t think it is right in the circumstances: can I set aside the order?

I have a court order which stipulates that my ex-husband must have contact with my three children this weekend. In the light of this pandemic do they have to go to him?

I have an imminent court hearing, is it likely to go ahead?
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