What questions are being asked of investment managers during Covid-19?

Yogi Dewan, formerly of Goldman Sachs but now running a significant family office, Hassium asset management for  investments tells, Karen Jones, what his clients, who all have c£30million+ invested with him, are asking about Coronavirus and what it means for their investments.

"The obvious questions are short term about Coronavirus and clients want to know: when it will end and about testing, drugs and the vaccine. Once we get through this conversation, the investment questions are:
  • How does this compare with previous cycles?
  • Is the central bank and government response enough?
  • What is required to stabilise markets?
  • Is this now a 'structural' bear market? (This means a bear market (20% decline), caused by financial bubbles and imbalances. Cyclical bear markets are different and a function of economic cycles. This bear market is specific from the Coronavirus event. So like the oil or emerging market crisis. Structural bear markets decline by 50-55%. Cyclical c30%)
  • Valuations are low but can we trust this signal?
  • Will this all lead to inflation longer term?
  • What is the impact on employment and earnings?
  • What is priced in and when can we expect to see things improve?
Despite this, my clients, investors are remarkably calm compared to previous market sells offs over the last twenty five years."
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