City A.M. Contributor Karen Jones and Prince Michael of Liechtenstein Share their Passion for Blockchain

As recently reported in City A.M., Citywealth editor Karen Jones interviewed Prince Michael of Liechtenstein upon discovering their shared passion for all things crypto.

The tiny and little known principality with only 38,000 inhabitants, nestling between Switzerland and Austria, is in fact one of the international financial centres of the world. It was nonetheless quite a revelation to find how Liechtenstein's fast acting government has leapt to the opportunities offered by  Blockchain technology - attracting large tech companies to Vaduz, the capital .

This is largely due to the keen interest in cryptocurrencies of Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, member of the ruling princely family of Liechtenstein, and chairman of trust company Industrie- und Finanzkontrol Ets as well as founder of Geopolitical Intelligence Sciences. He started to take an interest in cryptocurrencies when in 2013 the US treasurer declared Bitcoin to be "dangerous".

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To round off the visit to Liechtenstein, Karen was invited to the princely wine estate to taste the delicious nectars produced. Tours are led by HSH Princess Marie of Liechtenstein who is a trained sommelier.