#Metoo is a corporate wake up call

Following on from the recent Bloomberg article on #metoo, I agree that the movement has tipped the balance to head into trolling territory. 

However I disagree that we should now criticise #metoo. If the movement calls for the corporate world to have to rethink behaviour from both men and women, it is a good thing. Nevertheless we can all accept there are grey areas and as time moves on we don’t need to overreact or over accuse.
At many drinks parties this last quarter there have been half jokes about #metoo. Everyone's more aware, especially men. As a business owner and female entrepreneur, I am glad that the women who work for me and women in the corporate world will have more consideration and respect. However these issues go both ways and, narratives told in the industry, recognise that women have also been guilty of inappropriate behaviour towards men. I have witnessed a male member of my staff, be the recipient of unwanted female attention.

So if #metoo causes change and some people find it awkward or more difficult, then it is, what it is. There has been proven unpleasant behaviour in the business world which none of us want. Let’s use the movement to modernise our own thinking, on many topics, not just gender. #POWERWOMEN