Poison Ivy at the Annual Sheep Drive in the City of London

Karen Jones, CEO of Citywealth who's re-invented herself as a tech entrepreneur with the innovative www.leaderslist.co.uk, took part in the annual Sheep Drive over London Bridge.

As a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers and a Freeman of The City of London, she has the ancient right to drive sheep over the bridge.

Dressed as Poison Ivy, the ecco-warrior - in tune with the theme of pastoral pursuits, and led by Little Bo Peep, Karen and other members of the Worshipful Companies of Fan Makers and Woolmen, drove the sheep down London Bridge in the brilliant sunshine.

Great fun was had by all on all accounts, including the sheep, who happily posed for the cameras

 Karen and all the other members who completed the drive, were awarded a certificate.

The Poison Ivy outfit was an undoubted success, wore to perfection by the vivacious red head