Alpha Females

It has been argued that some Alpha Females mightn't be embracing sisterhood and are actually stopping other women progressing up the career ladder. Though percentage of women in senior positions has reached 25% globally, nevertheless progress is still painfully slow with only 1% increase over the past year.

Or are alpha females just behaving like alpha males in being ultra competitive? Is it more down to personality rather than gender?

In BL Global magazine, Karen Jones, CEO of Citywealth, shares her own experience with some alpha female behaviour that undoubtedly still exists in some work places.

" My first encounter with an alpha female was an executive director who used to throw her red stiletto across the room at people's head to get their attention while screaming at the top of her lungs"

In the article Karen also points out the findings of her own Citywealth Power Women Survey conducted over 123 organisations and involving 153 board level women. Alpha females of today were found to have superior emotional intelligence, empathy and kindness as well as leadership qualities - they believe in collaboration rather than aggressive competitiveness.

Citywealth is well known for its achievements in promoting women by balancing the power between women and men. Karen takes great pride in her own company having a feminine and a masculine side.

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