Citywealth Powerwomen Club meeting

Women in senior position in wealth management met up to network and listen to communications consultant Clare Jones talk about the importance of brand management.

She gave some advice on the use of social media. Amongst her recommendations:
- dedicate about half an hour a day to social media
- post once a day on LinkedIn if possible
- reply to comments on twitter within 2 hours
- connect with people warmly and show human angle by using emoticons and mojis
- keep an eye on what's trending and put your personal angle
- don't have to add original content but put a personal comment

Amongst the social media platforms Facebook still dominates with 1.79 billion users worldwide, but LinkedIn is the ultimate thought leadership and offers good analytics.

Print business is struggling and digital business is increasingly taking over. Video is the future as it's live and conveys authenticity, while Boxx is the biggest new trend.

Clare reminded her audience that one's most important value is one's brand when it comes to personal branding. Some people fear putting themselves out there, especially women, the biggest fear being of trolls. Define yourself and your brand in 3 - 6 key words. To build a strong  positive brand, authenticity is very important. Focus on your unique selling points - be an expert within your own niche area.

There was good engagement from the audience and her short lecture was followed by Q & A sessions.

Guests and speaker stayed on to chat, drink and feast on delicious canapes in the cosy premises of the swanky Eight Private Members Club in the City