Citywealth Tomorrow Club event

On 11th October another networking event for young wealth professionals took place in the City, offering the opportunity to network and listen to inspirational speakers.

Pat Saini, who heads the immigration team at law firm Pennington Manches, Andy Finch from Canaccord Genuity, who is head of Wealth Management in Guernsey and Olivia O'Sullivan, a director in PwC's Private Business & Private Client team, delivered some words of wisdom to the assembled guests.

All three speakers agreed on the importance of building strong personal relationships with clients. Pat Saini recommended to use the telephone rather than emails to achieve this. Andy Finch also reminded the listeners how important it was to use your clients' time wisely, while Olivia O'Sullivan advised to always put the recipient's email address last in case a send button got pressed on a wrong or half finished message.

The short three minute talks by each speaker were followed by the Citywealth signature speed networking sessions that allow the guests to meet everybody, exchange their cards and establish vital business connections.