Karen Jones Attends Admission Ceremony to the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers

Following her admission to the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers and after being granted Freedom of the City, Karen Jones, CEO of Citywealth, was invited to take part in a special Court ceremony and dinner in the 17th c Great Hall at Skinners' Hall.

Karen wore the traditional red gown during the ceremony, attended by the Master, wardens and past masters of the livery company. To thank the distinguished assembled officials for this very special privilege, Karen read out a poem about fans that she'd composed for the occasion, to the delight of all present

They come in many sizes and shapes
Keeping us cool as we close the drapes

The sun is too bright so we have to close the blinds
While the fan blows, there are all kinds.

There are big ones, short ones and strong blowers
While we stay cool inside, while outside the sound of mowers

The fan keeps us cool throughout the day
How much more of this should we say?

We are thankful for this benevolent invention
While we relax and relieve our tension

Thank you fan for all you do
Because in front of you, we feel refreshed and anew.

Applause followed and Karen congratulated for being the first ever new liveryman to compose a poem as a thank you speech, in the 300 years of the livery company's history.

A fine gourmet dinner was then served in the Great Hall, when further ancient customs associated with livery companies were ceremoniously performed.

Amongst these was the ritual of The Rosewater Bowl, used for dipping the corner of your table napkin into the rose water and patting behind your ears, to soothe the digestive organs.  

The ceremony of the Loving Cup is another custom that is traditional with all Livery Companies and dates back to Anglo-Saxon times. It originates from the assassination of King Edward who was stabbed in the back while drinking from a goblet held in both hands. To prevent this happening again, the back of the drinker is guarded by the guest next to him or her at the table. This custom is performed while standing up.

The Guild of Fan Makers has evolved throughout the centuries from traditional fan making to high technological aeronautical and environmental engineering.