poem by Frances Edmonds for 10th Anniversary of Citywealth

Citywealth was very touched by poem composed on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Citywealth by international best selling author Frances Edmonds, a loyal supporter and friend of the company.

It's a variable of Rudyard Kipling's poem IF

If you believe a so-called "balanced diet"
Means a pint of Bollinger in either hand
And, fuelled with Limoncello-Red-Bull chasers
Keep going when the rest of us can't stand.

If you can take a crowd of City egos
And bend them to your will with just a smile,
And find, then mine, that vein of gold within them
Which, nurtured, makes them go the extra mile.

If you can charm and blackguard when it's needed,
And cram more in a day than others, years,
And give of time, commitment, fun, compassion
And be there for your clients through smiles and tears.

If you love Citywealth with total passion,
And understand success is never luck,
And prove integrity is still in fashion,
And still find time to have th'occasional cup of tea.

If you have warmth enough to melt the Arctic
A joie de vivre that runs right through your bones,
A thousand friends who think that you're fantastic,
The chances are your name is Karen Jones.