Felix Appelbe, Consultant for Bircham Dyson Bell on how to deal with UHNW clients

Felix Appelbe, consultant to law firm and specialist private wealth advisers Bircham Dyson Bell, gave a few tips to the assembled wealth professionals at the last Citywealth WP networking event.

Amongst the advice dispensed, Felix included a few tips as to what NOT to do

- never attempt to sell UHNW clients anything except wisdom
- never send them a bill without discussing it first
- do not get too pally with your client, best to keep a certain distance
- no mobiles and texting during meetings - the client must feel that he/she got your undiveded attention
- never be dependent on one client. Be prepared to be fired!

and a few tips as to what TO DO

- instead of selling, listen carefully to what your client wants
- keep your overheads low
- stand your ground and maintain your integrity to gain respect

Click on link below to listen to the full speech