Apple and Facebook Offer to Pay for Freezing the Eggs of their Female Employees

According to the latest news, Silicon Valley's two biggest companies, Apple and Facebook, are offering to pay  employees to freeze their eggs, whether there's a medical need or not. They pledged to cover 100% of costs, up to $20,000 per person.

Hailed as a milestone for professional women, the offer will indeed be welcome as a big step towards achieveing a better work-life balance - especially in Silicon Valley where more and more women delay maternity because of the intense work pressure.

This is welcome news indeed for women in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, where companies are lagging behind when it somes adopting fertility policies.

According to the Citywealth Power Women report, the first ever report into women's views on gender diversity in the Wealth sector - published in Summer 2014 - only 14.44% of organisations have a fertility treatment policy.

Sadly, in most OECD countries over half of households do not have children. Hopefully more companies will follow the example of Apple and Facebook and adopt measures to help women become mothers.