flexible working rights

The recent change in law granting flexible working rights to all will be particularly welcomed by women. Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook's London-based vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and her staff  have been working within a flexible frame for some time."People work here in the best way that suits them - some work better in the evenings than in the mornings, so why should they come in at nine o'clock?"
Mendelsohn is one of the world's top business women, alongside Facebook's CEO Sheryl Sandberg and EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall, and a great champion of women's rights."There are cultural issues holding us back. I want to make sure I help the next generation of women come up. I want to make sure I can inspire my daughter. I have always created an environment for the women in the businesses I've been in, to be the best that they can" she says.
Mendelsohn has four children between the ages of 17 and 9. She took six months maternity leave each time, two years out in an eight year period.

She was the first woman president of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising before joining Facebook.