Please help to bring back Maiden to Britain, the boat that made history 25 years ago in the Whitbread Round the World Race

Maiden sailed into the record books in 1989, when she crossed the start line of the Whitbread Round the World Race, carrying the first all-female crew with skipper Tracy Edwards. She was later forced to sell her  boat but is now determined to bring her back to Britain where she belongs.

Now languishing in the pirate infested waters in the Seychelles, Maiden needs to be brought to Cape Town for refitting. £27,600 have been raised so far but a further £44,000 are needed to complete the rescue project

After repairs are completed, Edwards and four of the original crew and seven guest sailors will bring Maiden home, arriving in the Solent in May 2015, exactly 25 years after she crossed the finishing line.

Tracey Edwards was awarded an MBE and became the first woman to be awarded The Yachtsman of the Year Trophy

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