Paul Stibbard, Executive Vice Chairman, Rothschild, gives a motivational speech at our networking event for wealth professionals

Paul Stibbard gave an inspirational talk to our assembled guests of wealth professionals. With the bells of St Paul's Cathedral ringing melodiously in the background, he recalled the early years of his career in tax practice during Labour government in the 1980s.Wealth management was a non-competitive business then and with 83% tax rates, tax avoidance was rife. Now things have gone in reverse, competitiveness thrives and transparency is the norm - driving work force into London from Francois Hollande's 'socialist paradise'.

Paul stressed the importance of career choice and advised to try out as many different paths as possible before making a choice. He was trained as a chemist in Cambridge before moving over to tax practice and wealth management. Adapting to change is the key to success.

Another important point he stressed was Leadership Style. If you want to lead the way, establish successful relationships, he recommended, and give about 3 - 5 times more positive contributions than you receive. And look to employ people who are better than you, so you can learn from them.Give your staff feedback on their performance and keep motivating them.