Historic breakthrough for women

The last all-male FTSE 100 board of Swiss-based mining giant Glencore has appointed its first woman director, Canadian Patrice Merrin. This is hailed as a huge breakthrough for campaigners calling for more diversity in British boardrooms. Business Secretary Vincent Cable said: "From now every top 100 company listed on the London stock exchange counts a woman on its board...."The case for change is clear - businesses with diversity at their top are more successful. British businesses have embraced this move for change and have done so in a voluntary way" 

Susan Vinnicombe, director of the International Centre for Women Leaders at Cranfield University and founder of the annual Female FTSE Report, said: "There's enormous significance to getting rid of the last all-male board. Next year we need to hit the target of 25% female representation. It's now at 22% so just needs a last push"