excellent speakers at the Tomorrow Club networking event

Last night was another well attended event. Young people from the wealth mangement sector in the first few years in their careers, listened to inspirational speakers giving their three most important tips that helped them succeed in their chosen careers.

Charles Lubar, head od Morgan Lewis's Tax Practice in London shared these tips with the audience

1. learn all the technical skills needed in your chosen field

2. nothing is too small to take on as you never know what benefits small matters can bring on later. He'd started with a small job for Michael Jackson, then two years on he was charged with the acquisition of the ATV Music Catalogue that included the Beatles Catalogue for the A-list star.

3. Exposure - join clubs, get out into the community, be out in the marketplace. However, do participate wholeheartedly and with passion and show your genuine engagement

Then in it was the turn of Frederick Mulder CBE to impart some words of wisdom. Mr Mulder is a philanthropist and art dealer who built his fortune in investing in art, in particular in Picasso prints.

1. Surround yourself with good people, people who challenge you, who are smarter than you.

2. Think longterm. Your reputation is your biggest asset. Honesty and transparency in dealing with your colleagues and clients will bring long term dividends

3. Generosity. Foster a sense of generosity and be open hearted with your advice and your time. Not only generosity to clients but also to the world as a whole.

The implementation of this last tip led Frederick Mulder to found his City Funding Network with the aim of engaging more city professionals in charity and giving. Across the first three events, the network supported eleven charities and raised £90,000.  Events are often presented by high profile celebrities such as Daniel Craig, Michael Palin and others.