Women in Wealth Supper Club: Tuesday 31st January

Host Frances Edmonds a talk on “Public speaking”

The shiny new Grange Tower Hill was the venue for the last Women in Wealth Supper Club, a group for senior women with twenty years in private wealth management and advisory which meets four times a year to discuss business issues and hear a business talk over supper.

Frances spoke for twenty minutes and then sat with the attending women at their tables to discuss one to one any issues. Notes on all talks are sent to members after the event. The four key points Frances said any public speaker should consider were:  1. Be happy to be talking people and think about why you are pleased to be doing your speech or lecture. 2. Realise that the people sitting in front of you want to be there and are happy about it too. Think of the reasons that will benefit them from the talk you are about to give. 3. Stick to the requested remit of your talk but have main messages that you repeat again and again like Margaret Thatcher, really drive them home. If you have a lot of material then give a hand out afterwards rather than drone on. 4. Know your material inside out. Don’t agree to talks on subjects you don’t know, stick to subjects you do, then you will feel and sound like an expert.

Finally smile, stand upright and look confident. It goes a long way to making your audience believe in you.

Membership is £950 + vat a year and includes four event for management development and business networking at a senior level.  Women have to have twenty years experience working in private wealth managment.

Citywealth also has a linked in group for women in wealth.

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