Quarantine Covid19 art project from the Getty Museum

I was delighted to see the Getty Museum art challenge - recreate an artwork. Here are a few of my attempts during isolation/ quarantine and Covid19/Coronavirus.

Round 1 Ophelia by John Everett Millais

Round 2 Allen Jones 'Table'

 Round 3 Josephine Baker, Cabaret dancer and civil rights activist in her infamous banana costume (Sepia filter)

Round 4 Tracey Emin "My Bed" reinterpreted as "My Dog Bed": Benny Jones the poodle in a depressive phase at his dog walker being quarantined  stayed in bed for four days without drinking or eating except Kefir. Critics say anyone can do this but Benny says "well they didn't did they."

Round 5 The Ten Commandments updated for Covid19

Round 6 Chinese performance artist Zhang Huan. This piece is call 12 square metres 1994 about growing up in a crowded village in China with unclean toilets. He sat on the toilet for one hour covered in fish oil and honey to attract flies and recreate childhood conditions.

Round 7 A story of a golden belt at Easter (not a golden calf): 
Easter 🐣 is about resurrection - the concept of coming back to life after death. This beautiful golden belt was given to me by my neighbour Tandy (insta @tandydeanegray who is from Bermuda originally) and it fits well with this idea. It was owned by her aunt ‘Lidge’ (although possibly was owned by Tandy’s mother who was a dancer and teacher of Russian ballet) Lidge died in Bermuda aged 85 after a life of many boyfriends, three husbands, three sons, marrying a Danish count and living in a castle in Denmark for much of her life with his antique car collection. The slot (danish castle) had many rooms closed when the barons mother died but Lidge reopened it to the public. On the death of her husband she returned to Bermuda to live out her days, still chairing local societies and doing charity work. Now the golden belt has passed to me, to renew its life and next round of parties. I wore it to Regent’s Park today in memory of Isabella Blow who was born in Marylebone and was my neighbour in a mews (19 Virginia road) in Shoreditch 20 years ago. A fashionista who launched the career of Philip Treacy hat designer and who worked at Vogue and Tatler, she had a black pug, Alfie, who she walked each morning in Shoreditch church, always wearing a Chanel outfit and philip Treacy hat, no matter the time of day or night. Isabella suffered from anxiety which caused her to take her own life in 2007. She lives on in my memory. So thank you Tandy, And to Lidge and Isabella’s memory. The golden belt had a walk with a dog today just like super glam Isabella did and will lead a life of cocktails, parties and fun with me. Happy Easter xx 🐣 (insta @isabella.blow) #foundations #resurrection #easter #fashionista #philiptreacy #belt @chanelofficial #marylebone #remember #remembering #annawintour #fashionstory #pug thank you (insta @kazlauskasdainius for the photos).