Corporate Leaders List Hall of Fame - new wealth management survey and awards

Citywealth is delighted to bring you a new project the Citywealth Corporate Leaders List Hall of Fame survey and awards. The questions are below but must be filled in on the form to allow us to collate and reference together. Entries will be published online on the corporate leaders list free of charge as an editorial project as soon as they are received.

There will be a public vote from the best entries and a Citywealth Corporate Leaders List Hall of Fame awards.

                                                                                                                                                                    Citywealth Leaders List is showcasing a new product, the Corporate Leaders List. These are company pages which will offer readers a single point of online reference featuring your key staff, articles and metrics. As such we would like to feature relevant information pertinent to key investors and client. As this will go public please answer yes to question 2 to give us consent. Please provide information and evidence against each question, using only information you are prepared to have in the public domain. As well as adding this to your Corporate Leaders List page we will select the best responses from organisations to be shortlisted to go to a public vote. The winners will be ranked within the Corporate Leaders List Hall of Fame and will become Citywealth's exclusive collection of companies leading the way in the wealth management and private client sector.

Here are the questions for reference but please fill in the form on the URL link:

                                                                                                                                                                   Organisational sustainability
                                                                                                                                                                   We want to know about operational excellence, health and safety standards including mental health policies, well being initiatives, work-life balance. Inclusive culture. Leadership excellence. Branding recognition. Pro bono and CSR with local communities. Show us your corporate “giving” mindset. How do you demonstrate efficient cost-control and internal management strategies. Also your Internal collaboration between departments or divisions?

Education and innovation
                                                                                                                                                                   Tell us about your learning and development programmes for staff for career competency.

Professional conduct

How do you deal with complaints and are the dealt with in a timely manner. Tell us about your ethical conduct and internal written standards to prevent malpractice. Are you assisting with regulation and legislation in the industry? How are you conforming to multiple international, business standards and cultural conduct with international peers and clients. Tell us about excellence in peer collaboration.

 Fees or value for money

Demonstrate these are in line with industry metrics or what you do to keep costs reasonable for clients or to add value.

Technical expertise

As well as your Know How, how do you go above and beyond to give skillful advice that adds value to client matters and ongoing affairs? Any ESG products or services?

                                                                                                                                                             Can clients understand information and act upon it? Do you have clear plain language guidelines for clients with advice or investments? Demonstrate ways your teams have a positive professional attitude. Tell us about events you sponsor or seminars to communicate your expertise.


What are your policies for responsiveness? When are your people replying to instructions or communications with third party peers and clients? How do you use digital channels to facilitate external communications with clients and peers?

 Industry standards

What bodies do you have membership with, for instance STEP and how are you upholding standards? What is your corporate governance structure?


What is your % of turnover investment to manage risks (usually 3-5%)? GDPR protocol? What is your ongoing data security programme for clients? Do you have Knowledge management systems and teams. What is your joined up approach with people and tools

Key Individuals

List your key individuals within the organisation with longevity, track record with high value clients in excess of £5mn+ and also a track record internationally.