Today is Vietnam Women's Day

Today women are celebrated in Vietnam not only for their feminity but also for their contribution to business life.
Indeed the country has made impressive progress in relation to promoting gender equality. There have been strong gains in reducing child and maternal mortality and enrollment rates are now about the same for girls and boys in primary, secondary and tertiary education. The employment rates for men and women aged 25-64 are fairly close at 93.8 percent and 87.8 percent, respectively. Women leaders are more and more prominent in public life as well as in private companies.
However, important challenges still remain. Women’s wages are only 75 percent of men’s wages in general and in the informal sector, women only earn 50 percent of male wages despite similar working hours, education levels and seniority. Women still have less health insurance coverage than men and  Gender based violence also remains an important issue and is rising.
So let’s celebrate International Women’s Day in Vietnam knowing that there are so many capable, strong, intelligent and fantastic women in Vietnam, but also remembering that more work is needed to ensure that Vietnamese girls and women have the same rights and opportunities as their male counterparts.